All Claims is a business partner, specialized in supporting and advising in the collection of claims on debtors that follow from (business) agreements, such as trade and long-term contracts. We collect mainly for leasing companies, business service providers, trade companies, landlords, the Association of Owners (VvE) and (sports) associations. We try to achieve maximum results in a professional and expert manner, whereby maintaining the (business) relationship between the creditor and the debtor is the starting point and the assignment is carried out cost-neutral. This means that the debtor pays the costs.

How do we realize this? All assignments are executed from the first moment by lawyers and in collaboration with bailiffs. Each assignment receives - depending on the previous history and the wishes of the client - its own appropriate approach. So no automatic processes, but craftsmanship, but at very competitive rates.

Debt Collection carried out by lawyers and bailiffs

To be able to offer maximum quality, we work closely with specialist lawyers and a reputable bailiff's office, who are responsible for the execution of all assignments. Together with them, the right and most effective approach and working method is determined, which can be different for every issue. Our debt collection service is therefore tailor-made for each client and, if necessary, per case.

Even if it is or becomes difficult

Because the assignments are carried out by lawyers, there are no restrictions on actions and / or advice. Every assignment, regardless of the height and / or the route to be followed, receives the same service and quality in approach. Is your debtor acting (suddenly) defending or should there be deviating actions, actions or procedures? Together with our implementing partners we can handle every situation.

Quality assurance

All collection assignments are executed with great care by our implementing partners. Our clients enter into an assignment contract with both All Claims and our partners, so that they not only receive the expertise and expertise, but also have the security of managing the collected funds on a Stichting Beheer Derdengelden and application of the Code of Conduct that apply for lawyers and court bailiffs.