All assignments submitted before 4.00 pm will be processed the same day. You receive an order confirmation and the file is visible 24 hours a day in the online file system. One or more summons will be sent to your debtor and telephone contact will be sought, depending on the procedure you wish to use. If the debtor does not pay (in full), the attending lawyer will contact you to discuss the follow-up steps, as well as to give a risk assessment of a possible legal procedure.

If the choice is made to submit the claim to the court, a summons will immediately be filed. After receiving the judgment, your debtor will have one option to comply with the judgment. If payment still remains, the bailiff will proceed to service and execution of the judgment.

The complete standard procedure:

• filing claim
• first summons with standard term of 5 working days
• telephone contact debtor
• second summons with standard deadline of 2 working days
• consultation progress file
• summons
• verdict
• execution

Possibilities / deviations are:

• pre-collection
• entering into a payment arrangement (always in consultation with the client)
• laying of batter
• applying for bankruptcy
• customization